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„ I can repair,what your husband fixed! ”

English speaking Plumber, English speaking Electrican, English speaking Carpenter, Wall drilling and other useful services…

Tiny things you can need anytime and you can’t be void of.

Drilling, mounting, assembling, dismantling, repairing, installation, bonding, …

To hang a frame on the wall, to assemble furnitures, to mount a light, to reverse a refrigerator door …

Complex jobs, eg. carpenter-electrician (kitchen lighting).

Individual solutions for individual problems.

And everything is done simply, professionally.

-Assembling flatpack furnitures

We undertake to assemble flatpack furnitures available at Ikea, Kika, Obi, Praktiker, etc. on favourable terms. From the purchase to the mounting, in case of kitchen furniture the cutting out of the worktop, the plumbing and the installation of the lighting are included.

-Making of kitchen furnitures, size adjustment of cabinets and shelves

Upon customer request we make shelves of different sizes, wardrobes, custom size cabinets at short notice, and we carry out a fully comprehensive work.

  • Renovation of your kitchen furniture

Door replacement on your kitchen furniture, replacement of the front panel on the same item, replacement of the worktop, replacement of the kitchenette

Your kitchen furniture is in good state, but it is a little bit outdated? You would like to make it new at a reasonable price? We can help you with this.

The truss of the kitchen furniture usually can be maintained and it is enough to replace the worktop and the doors. Of course, if needed we can build in new shelves or expand the cabinet system. We also offer energy-efficient lighting solution for a modern look.

By doing so, you can save a lot of money and it can also save you from a general topsy-turvydom, allowing you to reuse your kitchen just a few hours after our arrival!

-Cutting out your worktop for sink and hot plate installation, fitting your oven

Cutting out a worktop for sink or hot plate installation. worktop cutting

We cut the worktop out and insert the new sink, we seal it around and finally fit the outlet pipe. You get it ready for use.

– Repairing and transforming furnitures

Your closet door doesn’t close properly? You need new shelves to be mounted in it? The drawer’s bottom collapsed?

You can call us with your smaller and bigger fixing needs with your furnitures, whether it’s an ill-fitting grip that came loose or preparing a whole new product.

At Ikea one can buy useful and practical furnitures at an affordable price, however, it may not be exactly suited to your needs, or the layout of the premises. Do not compromise. We reshape it  for you, so that shall look exactly the way you envisioned.

-Building lofts and bunk beds
When furbishing an apartment with high ceiling, or in case of dwellers small in stature we must  think in 3D. What does occupy the biggest space in a room? The bed and the wardrobe. By using a sleeping loft or a bunk bed the the living space increases, the room gets individual taste, while the dweller earns a private sleeping section.
In child rooms with lower ceiling you can save much space by combining bunk bed and a desk underneath. Thanks to the modern, energy-efficient and eye-friendly LED lighting we can assure a perfectly homogeneous light for the kids reading and writing at the desk.

-Replacement or repair of door handles and locks
In case the handle wobbles or you find it hard to operate the lock, it is strongly recommended to fix it as soon as possible, otherwise you can easily find yourself stuck indoors or on the contrary out. The replacement of a door handle and a lock is generally done in a few minutes.
Cracking and bucking lock cylinders hamper always in the worst moment. We highly recommend you to have it fixed as soon as possible, otherwise you can get stuck in or out. To replace a  lock cylinder usually does not take more than 5 minutes. If a lock cylinder gets completely broken, the repair time multiplies.
It is important to replace quickly the ill-fitting or wabbling handles of the newer generation windows and doors in order to prevent they fall out completely.

-Manufacturing custom-made joinery

We also prepare larger and smaller shelves, closets, tailor-made wardrobes of all kinds.

Upon order we have also made joiner- and handicraft products in the past.

– Setting doors or windows (also plastic ones)

Usually a newer generation sticking door or window can be set in a few minutes whether it’s made of wood or plastic. But the same can be true in case of a sagging interior door that is scratching your floor.

Furthermore, it is quite frequent to see plastic windows or doors that apparently close in a proper way, but despite of an intact sealing all around, the cold air draws in at the meeting points of the  window / door sash and the outer frame. In most cases, we can solve it in a few minutes. This little setting does increase your comfort feeling and saves you a lot in terms of heating costs.

In case of a well-sealed doors it is essential to take care of the ventilation and the airing respectively.

An entry door with bad insulation can also be repaired quickly and efficiently. This type of repair should not be considered as an expense but as an investment in the short term.

You need to slam the door? Is it sticking? You have to pull / push it strongly so it remains closed? Annoying errors. To fix it usually takes no more than 2 minutes.

– Installation of automatic and mandatory vents

– we also take care of of any kitchen LED lighting mounting within a short deadline.

For more information about kitchen jobs:

– Repair and replacement of a tap

Dripping faucet? No need to replace it immediately! By replacing just the sealing or the tap insert we can fix most errors.

The faucet moves or wobbles. Usually it can be repaired in a few minutes.

Leaking everywhere? It’s too early to declare natural disaster.

Replacement of a tap? It does not matter. It can be solved in a short time. The most difficult part consists in picking a good tap.

Taps (sink and dishwasher) are sold at HUF 3,000 to premium prices. According to our experience faucets priced at < HUF 10,000 are just good enough to operate in the short run (max. 1 year), but if you want to use them for years, then just forget them. It is highly recommended to choose high quality taps (Mofém, Grohe), because they are reliable, you can use them for decades and in case of default spare parts will be available.

– Replacing a sink or a toilet

Call us if you need to change your washbasin or toilet bowl as well.

– Repair and replacement of the toilet tanks

We consume 30% (!!!) of our drinking water resource for flushing our toilets.

It is not known to all that the water quantity you use when flushing can be easily set in your toilet tank.

Quick calculation: if a family of two flushes the toilet 9 times a day on the average, how much drinking water will they save on a yearly basis if they turn down the water quantity by just half a litre per flush?

A dripping or leaking toilet tank can provoke significant extra costs, at the same time repairing it can prove fast and cheap.

At worst, the (external) tank replacement can also be carried out in 20 minutes.

– Unclogging sinks and lavatories

The food residues, hair, body hair can easily clog the waste. Inappropriate use of drain cleaner salts can also cause serious clogging. If you are lucky enough, this type of trouble can be solved quickly, but thanks to modern technology, we have no need to demolish the wall in case of bigger drain blockage either.

– Sealing and filling the gaps

An old, broken sealing around a shower tray or a bathtub can cause a lot of damage in your real-estate, or even worse, it can be harmful to your health, but by paying attention it can be prevented.

Several solutions present themselves to seal the gaps all around the aqueous portions, starting with the silicone sealants through to the self-adhesive weather sealing tapes or the spreadable sealants.

Each variety has been used for years, we know which one applies to a specific case.

– Replacing a shower tray

Your shower tray has broken or became rusted? There are cracks in the shower tray? Its replacement can be executed in an unexpectedly short time.

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